Henan Bofu Environmental Protection Technology Co. , Ltd
Bofu Environmental

The Henan Bofu Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2010, Marketing Center is conveniently located in Zhengzhou. Is a focus on engaged in environmentally friendly materials to produce sales, noise control, vibration control, after-sales service, import and export as one of the large-scale environmental high-tech service providers. In this highly competitive market, our aim is to constantly innovative products and to provide you with high-quality professional technical services in line with professional noise control, acoustic control technology, high-quality environmentally friendly materials, you create a healthy and happy life, we always operate and goals.

The company sells materials Anacoustic Window, Soundproof Board, Deadening Felt, (wall, ceiling) soundproof acoustic material ,(wall, floor, top) shock absorbers and other insulation materials.